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I offer private 1-1 Puppy/Dog Training Sessions in the comfort of your home.

These sessions are for Puppies under 1 year and for Puppy Caregivers that want to continue with Puppy Training but are not able to join a class or for Caregivers of older dogs that want to learn more about positive reward-based training.

These classes are tailored to the client and their pet's needs, and we work on life skills like, continued socialisation, walking on a lead, going to the park, reliable recall, teaching your puppy not to jump up, and much more.

We only teach with positive reinforcement science-based, force-free training methods.

Training Sessions:
Our Training session will be approximately 45-60min.

We schedule our sessions when it suits you.​

Book your initial consultation for $100 and follow-up Training sessions for $50 per session.

Travel fees might apply for distances further than 20km.

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1-1 Training Sessions: Services
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