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Links to The Tail End App

These courses are for prospective or new pet parents that want to set their new pets up for success in their new home.

Download the App on your phone and search for "The Tail End" for direct access to course material on your smartphone or handheld device.

Puppy Class Bundle

Resources for puppy class attendees, more info on Training Positive, Doggy Language, Toilet Training and more

dog running with toy

Resource Guarding In Puppies

Understanding resource guarding in puppies and how to manage it.

House Training Your Dog

This app-based short course will teach you how to train your puppy not to mess in the house in a few easy steps.

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Introductions - Cats to Cats

This app based course is easy to follow and gives you a step by step plan for a successful cat introduction.

Introductions - Dogs & Kittens

This app-based course is easy to follow and gives you a step-by-step plan for successfully introducing your dog to a new kitten.

Dog & Cat Pals
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