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Labrador puppy and ginger kitten sleeping together

The Tail End

We aim to create trusting bonds between humans and their companion animals.

At The Tail End, we believe in creating a trusting bond between humans and their companion animals through education on positive, evidence-based, force-free training methods and understanding of underlying emotions of behaviour.

We recognise that each companion pet is an individual, and cater behaviour modification plans accordingly. We are passionate about discovering the underlying cause of a behaviour and working with the caregiver to assist a pet that might not be coping in certain situations and supporting the humans on their learning journey.

We offer Behaviour Consultations and Private Training Sessions.


Professional Dog Training Member Of APDT - Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc.


Feline Training Member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia and committed to advocating, educating and encouraging improvements in companion animal welfare through fear-free techniques.


Germain Shepherd dog with pencil in mouth sitiing behind a desk with a paw on a silver laltop

Behaviour Consultations

Two companion dogs sleeping together on a bed

Pet Introductions

A hand gicving a black and white dog a stay cue in a training session.

1-1 Training Lessons

A white terrier dog sniffing and searching for treats in a colourful treat dispensing toy made from material strips.

Shop Enrichement Toys

I offer private behaviour consultations in your home. Each pet is an individual and we work together to find the best solutions.

A positive slow introduction is the best way to create happy pets and a harmonious household.

These sessions are for dogs of all ages whose caregivers want to want to learn more about positive reward-based training.

We bring the best enrichement activity toys to your doorstep. Shop online for quality puzzel, sniff and foraging toys.

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