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Pet Introduction Consultation

Positively introducing our pets is often a tiny detail that gets overlooked.

This is really about preventative behaviour work. Getting things right before they can go wrong. Too often, we hear sad tales of the cat moving out when the new puppy arrives. The old belief of “Throw them together and let them sort it out” is very risky and rarely successful in creating good relationships between your pets. Too often, pets end up anxious or even homeless because their humans do not know any better.

By understanding the process and spending a little extra time on a slow positive introduction, it is possible to give your pets the best chance at successfully building positive relationships and bonds with the other pets they have to share their home with.

Research shows that dogs and cats are also sentient beings therefore, by nurturing good relationships between our pets, we are giving them the best chance for a happy and balanced life, and this will also prevent pets from ending up homeless and some behavioural issues like aggression in the long run.

I offer private introduction consultations in your own home or online.

Introduction consultations:
Our consultation will be approximately 60 minutes, and I would like you to arrange for all family members who want to participate in the discussion to be there for the duration of the consultation.

What to expect:

A detailed introduction plan, discussion, and practical ideas on how to make it work in your home environment.

What is included:

Initial Consultation, Introduction Plan, and 1x Follow-Up Consultation

Further, follow-up consultations can be booked if and when needed.

In-person consultations in the Perth Metropolitan area are available.

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