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Our Flirt Pole Combo is good quality and consists of an extendable pole 2 ropes and 2 lure attachements, with a carry bag.


Playing with a flirt pole can provide several benefits for both you and your dog:


Physical Exercise: Using a flirt pole engages your dog in a high-intensity workout, helping to burn off excess energy. It can be a great way to provide exercise, especially for high-energy breeds or dogs with limited mobility.

Mental Stimulation: The interactive nature of playing with a flirt pole helps stimulate your dog's mind. It requires them to focus, track, and make quick decisions, which can help improve their problem-solving skills and mental agility.

Training and Cues: Incorporating cues while playing with a flirt pole can help reinforce your dog's training. You can use the opportunity to practice cues like "sit," "stay," or "drop it," making it a fun and engaging training session.

Channelling Prey Drive: Many dogs have a natural prey drive, and playing with a flirt pole allows them to indulge in their instinctual behaviours in a controlled and safe manner. It can help satisfy their desire to chase and capture, reducing the chances of them engaging in undesirable behaviors like chasing wildlife or small animals.

Bonding Time: Playing with your dog using a flirt pole can strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. It allows for interactive play, and you get to participate actively, which helps build trust and improve your relationship.

Remember to use the flirt pole responsibly and ensure that you provide breaks and monitor your dog's activity level to prevent exhaustion or overexertion.


Extended Pole length: 76.5cm

Rope Length: 100cm

Raccoon Attachment: 30cm

Plait Attachement: 34cm

Flirt Pole Combo

SKU: Flirt-1
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