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With over ten years of experience in the field, I am a Certified Behaviourist specialising in understanding and addressing the unique behavioural needs of pets. I have always had a deep love for animals and a keen interest in learning more about their behaviour. 

I have worked with pet caregivers facing various behaviour challenges with their beloved furry friends throughout my career. From separation anxiety and aggression to excessive barking and litter box issues, I have successfully helped pet caregivers navigate these challenges and find effective solutions.

My approach to behaviour consulting is centred around creating a positive and enriching environment for both the pet and the caregiver, most kindly and ethically. I firmly believe every pet deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life. Our caregivers are responsible for giving them the necessary tools and support to thrive.

I understand that each pet is unique and may require a personalised approach to behaviour modification. I work closely with veterinarians and their teams to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach to addressing behaviour issues. By combining my animal behaviour expertise with veterinarians' medical knowledge, we can create a tailored plan that meets the individual needs of each pet and its caregiver.

I am dedicated to continuously expanding my knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest research in animal behaviour. This allows me to provide my clients with the most effective and evidence-based solutions.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with pet caregivers and their furry companions. Seeing the transformation and positive changes that can occur when we understand and address the underlying causes of behaviour issues brings me great joy.

If you are experiencing any behavioural challenges with your pet, I am here to help. 

Cert III - Animal Studies AVT 

Diploma in Practical Aspects Of Behaviour and Training - DipCABT (Coape UK) NOCN

Basic Cat Behaviour Course - Ethology Academy

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Pet Professional Guild Australia is an official branch of thePet Professional Guild is a worldwide organisation committed to advocating, educating and encouraging improvements in companion animal welfare through fear-free techniques.

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Liz is one of those rare humans in life with a natural gift for her craft.
She can connect with animals and their humans on a deep level, have incredible empathy for even the trickiest of furry customers, has endless patience, a gentle nature, and a true passion for what she does.

Jane Lewis Balnaves

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