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Book a Behaviour Consultation

I offer private behaviour consultations in your home.


I can assist with the following behaviour issues:
Inappropriate toileting
Fearful behaviour
Resource guarding

Separation Related Disorders

Excessive Barking


Our consultation will be approximately 60-90min, and I would like you to arrange for all family members who want to participate in the discussion to be there for the duration of the consult.
In our consult, I will take a complete history and discuss the possible causes and options for a behaviour modification program. 

I will supply you with Consultation Notes a few days after our consultation with all the information and possible behaviour modification plan we discussed.

At least one follow-up consultation is required depending on the problem. Further follow-up consultations will be booked if and when required.

I might also suggest your pet gets taken for a checkup to rule out any underlying medical conditions, or if I think the issue is more serious you might get referred to a Veterinary Behaviourist.

What to expect:
An in-depth discussion on the behaviour problem and the underlying emotions that might be causing the behaviour. 

What not to expect:
For medical or nutritional advice, please see your Veterinary care team for that.

In-person consultations in the Perth Metropolitan area are available.


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